Groups and Workshops

Apart from individual and couples counselling, I also offer experiential groups and workshops aimed at deepening self-awareness and developing positive behaviours. Working in a group setup gives you the opportunity to work towards shared goals with other individuals who are facing similar challenges.

Upcoming Groups & Workshops

Benefits of groups

  • Gain broader perspective about challenges

  • Opportunity to open up

  • Overcome loneliness

  • Clarity about your situation

  • Opportunity to practice new skills in a safe space

  • Learn from others’ experiences

Learn & grow in a safe space

In a safe, collaborative environment with no more than 6-8 participants you can choose to attend either a one-time workshop or one of the weekly/bi-monthly groups.

Participating in these groups not only gives you clarity and perspective about yourself, it also gives you the chance to learn from others’ experiences and explore alternative possibilities.

More than sitting around in a circle

If you are looking for a place where members sit and listen to the facilitator talk for the entire session, you will be disappointed. While conversation is an important component, these are engaging and interactive sessions involving experiential activities such as role-play, creative expression, meditation and movement. I offer you an active learning experience and the opportunity to practice new skills in the group setting.