Do you feel distant or disconnected from your partner?

Do your efforts to improve your relationship seem to be getting you nowhere?

Or even if things get better, the change is only temporary, and you are soon back to feeling the same as before?

If you and your partner are struggling in your relationship, I invite you to access relationship counselling for couples.

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Couples Counselling

Conflict and disagreements are part of every relationship. However, when despite all your efforts you end up feeling stuck and entangled, it might help to take a closer look with the help of a professional. I offer you a safe, confidential and compassionate environment to share your concerns, fears & disappointments without getting caught up in blaming each other. I provide non-judgmental support and welcome diversity of all kind. I offer sessions from two accessible locations in Charlottenburg and Mitte in Berlin. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet me at the one that is most convenient for you.

Some of the issues client bring to couples counselling include:

  • Lack of intimacy and connection

  • Adjusting to change

  • Anger/resentment

  • Struggle with expressing needs

  • Money management

  • Division of roles and responsibilities

  • Violation of trust

  • Conflicts about parenting

I believe that each individual is unique and therefore, no two couples are the same. Your goals and priorities are unique to you, and my goal is always is to help you move in the direction of solutions that fit your life.

What to expect from a couples counselling session?

The process of relationship counselling with couples starts with a joint session. I will first meet you and your partner together and then individually for a holistic understanding of the relationship as well as individual hopes and aspirations. This will involve some exploration of past experiences, however the therapy will primarily be rooted in the present and is ‘solution focused’.

Typically, couples choose to schedule weekly or fortnightly sessions, and while the total number of sessions needed varies, most couples start noticing improvements within the first 3-4 sessions.

The couples I have worked with have shared that relationship counselling has been helpful in:

  • Improving the overall quality of the relationship

  • Gaining a clearer perspective of their expectations from their partner and the relationship

  • Identifying and enforcing boundaries

  • Learning communication skills

  • Practicing how to handle and resolve conflict

Couples in Berlin face many of the same problems as couples everywhere. There are, however, certain unique issues that arise out of living away from your home country. In addition to my training and experience, I can offer you an authentic understanding of the situation and the challenges this brings with it.

Unsure about whether relationship counselling is right for you? Got more questions? I would be happy to discuss your concerns over a confidential phone call. Don't hesitate to get in touch!